All You Need To Know About Tooth Sores

Tooth soresOral bacteria can cause viruses, tooth decays, tooth sores, gum diseases and other mouth infections. Although practicing good oral hygiene can easily prevent some of these infections, other dental conditions, which are more advanced, have the tendency to stick around longer.

What are the top 3 causes of tooth sores?

There are plenty of causes of these tooth sores. Here are some examples:

1. Dental Caries

This is one of the most common oral infections, caused by specific types of bacteria which produce acid and destroys the enamel of the tooth and the layer under it. This acid is produced when the sugars in food or drinks react with the plaque on the tooth surface.

2. Brushing too hard

Applying too much pressure on your teeth while brushing can lead to greater harm than good. Brushing too aggressively wears away the actual tooth structure and can even cause recession of the gums that normally protects the root of the tooth.

3. Tooth Ache

Tooth decay is at most times, the primary cause of a toothache. This can also signal gum disease and the presence of a tooth cavity. But other causes of a toothache can be tooth trauma, an abnormal bite, infection, or tooth eruption for children.

4. Other Orthodontic concerns

Common orthodontic concerns like crowding, underbite and overbite may cause this sores too. this disoriented teeth may cause damage to the soft part the mouth such as the gums. These orthodontic concerns usually are develop since childhood.

What are the top 3 remedies for tooth sore?

1. Warm Salt Water

A glass of warm water mixed with rock salt can help reduce swelling and inflammation of the teeth. This mixture also has the ability to fight off bacteria that cause infection.

How: Mix one table spoon of common salt in a glass of warm water. Use this mixture to rinse your mouth.


2. Cloves

cloves for tooth soreCloves has antibacterial, anti inflammatory, antioxidant and anesthetic properties which can help alleviate toothach and fight off infections.

How: Grind two whole cloves and then mix them over with a little olive oil or vegetable oil and apply it on the affected tooth.


3. Visit your dentist

The best way that can address your oral health is your dentist. You can go have an appointment to make sure that your dentures are in their best shape.

Things You Need To Know About Waardenburg Syndrome

Waardenburg syndrome is a rare disease that is known to cause changes in skin, hair and eye coloring. It can also cause hearing loss in some of the people it affects. People with waardenburg syndrome disease are characterised by their white hair, different eye colors in both eyes, or very light blue eyes, almost greyish.

Waardenbyrg Syndrome is classified into 4 different types: type 1 is classified by the person having eyes that are spread far apart than normal, whereas type 2 don’t have eyes that are far apart. Type 3 of people with the waardenburg syndrome disease are identified by deformity of the hands and arms as well as the symptoms of those in the classification of type 1 and 2. Lastly type 4 of waardenburg syndrome is a combination of type 1, 2, and 3 , as well as having a defect in the intestine.

Waardenburg Syndrome

A Patient With Waardenburg Syndrome

The common types of this disease are 1 and 2, while there are not many cases of type 3 and 4. Waardenburg syndrome disease is caused by abnormalities in a gene called PAX3, which is known for helping the body produce pigments, or skin tone agents.

This disease is passed down through inheritance, and sometimes it may occur to people who’s family doesn’t have the waardenburg syndrome disease in their families genetic makeup. Also one copy of the a deformed gene is enough to trigger the waardenburg syndrome in a person. To find out if a person has waardenburg syndrome, a person can take the following tests, genetic, colon, bowel transit, and audiometry tests to see if one has the disease.

There is no specific treatment for the condition, symptoms are usually treated as they appear. For people who have constipation, the necessary prescriptions will be given to help with the problem.Treatment also includes drug therapy, surgery to reconstruct defects,and genetic counsling.

Complications of the waardenburg syndrome disease include the following, loss of hearing,severe constipation in the bowels,and problems with the person’s self esteem because of the person’s looks. A person who has the disease should get medical counseling if the disease runs through their family or they want to have children.

The main problem associated with this disease is loss of hearing, and when it’s treated the person may be able to lead an ordinary life. The waardenburg syndrome disease is a rare disease that is usually treated once the person has proper treatment and the person is well informed about the disease.

If you and a person you know are suspected to to have the disease, seek medical attention so you can get the proper diagnosis because this disease comes in 4 different types.

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Difference Between HIV and AIDS

Ever since AIDS became a scourge of humanity, there have been glaring misunderstandings on various aspects of the disease.

One of these misunderstandings is with regards to how the disease is distinguished from HIV and in this article, we shall try to carefully go over the differences between the two terms so you won’t have to use them interchangeably next time.

Defining The Terms

HIV are initials for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, a virus that enters the body through various ways and compromises the immune system, leaving the patient feeble, frail and susceptible to attacks from other infections referred to as opportunistic diseases.

AIDS is an acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and it’s basically a spectrum of conditions that emanate from a compromised immune system as a result of attack by the HIV virus.

Risk To Our Health Status

AIDS Patient

Kaposi’s Sarcoma Is One Of The Noticeable Traits of an AIDS Patient

Being a virus, HIV is relatively considered a lesser cause for concern because it is more or less a causative agent. Before researchers discovered ways of dealing with the virus, it was considered a death sentence. However, there have been massive developments in the medical research sectors and there are now drugs, referred to as antiretroviral drugs that are meant to control the dangerous repercussions of this virus.

On the other hand, AIDS, being a syndrome or a spectrum of conditions is considered more harmful to our health. The syndrome is characterized by a deeply compromised immune system, meaning the patient has to be undertaken through various intensive care procures for them to recover and have their immune system functioning properly again.

While the symptoms of HIV are not clearly defined, those of AIDS are well-known. They are what are referred to as opportunistic infections and they include diseases such as tuberculosis, typhoid, pneumonia, certain types of cancer and many more.



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Being a virus, HIV can be transmitted from one person to another. The virus is transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids, the most common of which is sexual intercourse. It may also be transmitted during child birth or through the use of non-sterilized surgical tools

On the other hand, AIDS cannot be passed from one person to another because it’s considered the latest stage of HIV infection.


The diagnostic procedures for HIV are considered rather simpler compared to those of AIDS. As simple blood sample is what is needed to determine whether a person has the virus or not. Additionally, the test is normally done and results revealed in a matter of minutes.

The diagnosis for AIDS, on the other hand is more complex. First, it involves the assessment of the patient to determine whether they are suffering from opportunistic infections. It’s however important to note that the mere presence of these infections is not a surety that the person has AIDS. Aids may also be diagnosed by the counting of CD4 cells. Generally, a person with CD4 cells less than 200 is considered to be infected with AIDS.

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