All You Need To Know About Tooth Sores

Tooth soresOral bacteria can cause viruses, tooth decays, tooth sores, gum diseases and other mouth infections. Although practicing good oral hygiene can easily prevent some of these infections, other dental conditions, which are more advanced, have the tendency to stick around longer.

What are the top 3 causes of tooth sores?

There are plenty of causes of these tooth sores. Here are some examples:

1. Dental Caries

This is one of the most common oral infections, caused by specific types of bacteria which produce acid and destroys the enamel of the tooth and the layer under it. This acid is produced when the sugars in food or drinks react with the plaque on the tooth surface.

2. Brushing too hard

Applying too much pressure on your teeth while brushing can lead to greater harm than good. Brushing too aggressively wears away the actual tooth structure and can even cause recession of the gums that normally protects the root of the tooth.

3. Tooth Ache

Tooth decay is at most times, the primary cause of a toothache. This can also signal gum disease and the presence of a tooth cavity. But other causes of a toothache can be tooth trauma, an abnormal bite, infection, or tooth eruption for children.

4. Other Orthodontic concerns

Common orthodontic concerns like crowding, underbite and overbite may cause this sores too. this disoriented teeth may cause damage to the soft part the mouth such as the gums. These orthodontic concerns usually are develop since childhood.

What are the top 3 remedies for tooth sore?

1. Warm Salt Water

A glass of warm water mixed with rock salt can help reduce swelling and inflammation of the teeth. This mixture also has the ability to fight off bacteria that cause infection.

How: Mix one table spoon of common salt in a glass of warm water. Use this mixture to rinse your mouth.


2. Cloves

cloves for tooth soreCloves has antibacterial, anti inflammatory, antioxidant and anesthetic properties which can help alleviate toothach and fight off infections.

How: Grind two whole cloves and then mix them over with a little olive oil or vegetable oil and apply it on the affected tooth.


3. Visit your dentist

The best way that can address your oral health is your dentist. You can go have an appointment to make sure that your dentures are in their best shape.